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Once was a day when first thing Friday morning, PST, I'd be looking for the Friday Yuk, Neil always beat me to it or Colin with the time zone changes. Colin even started posting on Thursday to be first in. It would quickly follow with dozens of posts, everyone adding a few jokes for some Friday Yuk's. These days, nada, nobody has a sense of humour anymore?!.

You then got the Friday night music rocking away, it got REALLY popular with some killer posts and rare playlists, jck, yourself, neil and many others put up some brilliant tracks that are often forgotten.

Now it seems you can't even start a discussion properly? Not sure myself, I know that I can't post under my old account any more but this one seems okay for the most part, I have made a few tech posts (no links, no language etc.) that didn't show up and a repost, slightly changed and trimmed down even more, shows up.

Maybe TR needs to sign up for a tech support package with an offshore support team. Maybe one of their kids is technical and can help them with it, I dunno but TR has sure changed over the years, and I wouldn't suggest for the better. Not just because of Yuks and music posts but simply because it isn't as enjoyable within the regular groups anymore, people seem so disassociated these days, compared to what they used to be. Just like the people out in general public that couldn't give a toss about anyone but themselves.

The whole look and feel is just starched and clinical now, nowhere near as inviting as it used to be, not by any means.