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Just like doing a mass site submission to 300 engines, you'll get 30 or 40 that want more info and note submission couldn't be completed.

When not for a specifically targeted site, nobody cares about hippos happy house not indexing your site, it's not worth the 5 minutes to refocus on it and similar that deny instant submissions.

I don't think, in my personal opinion/guess, that spammer would give a damn if twenty or thirty sites of the 500 they auto post too rejected their ads. They are focused on the numbers game, like telemarketing, if the person says 'not interested, take me off your list', it is not cost effective to pursue it further. There are many PERSONAL reasons why telemarketers call back or even set such numbers to be auto-dialed every day for three months but, for the most part, it's not cost effective marketing to chase dead ends.

Again though, just MHO