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Wow...it still happens years later...

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Hi jck, welcome to TR. If you need navigational help, you can use the FAQ's to get some info as to what to post where. TR works just fine, always has, if you are having issues, try clearing your browser cache, delete cookies and change browsers. Try FF first, then Chrome, then the most reliable of all...Internet Explorer.

If that all fails, reboot into safe mode and choose a recovery date in 2011 or earlier. If you STILL can't post properly on TR, simply reformat your HD and reinstall Windows. From there you can try using someone else's PC, if there are troubles with that one too, it also needs a reformat, your friend will enjoy the new speed of not having his/her files and photos filling up the HD too!

Again, welcome to TR, enjoy the Water Cooler for the off topic discussions and don't forget to help out when possible through the Q&A forum.