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Wow...it still happens years later...

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Vancouver is about 2hrs north of Seattle. I hang out right at 0 avenue quite a bit, friends there, which is obviously right at the border, also White Rock/Surrey border, about 20 mins from Vancouver.

If by any chance you do end up visiting the great white North, give me a heads up, I'll make some snow and try to find someone who knows how to build an igloo. If you are not expecting snow, but want a nicer day than you get in Seattle, I am ALWAYS up to meet you, on my side of the line anyway. I don't do the USA anymore, no need to. Prices are about the same now, money is about the same now (except we have new bills with clear plastic windows on them, seriously, the bills are made out of polymer, NOT kidding!) Some say the new bills are purposely scented to smell like Maple Syrup. how Canadian, but it is denied of course. Anyhow, Maple money or not, I don't US anymore, not even for paid gigs, just completely off the map for me, the globe has a big void between the islands of Canada and Mexico.

But if you sail up here from Mexico, I'd buy at least a half dozen rounds, and a few single malts as you wish.