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Wow...it still happens years later...

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It's funny really. Youth today scoff at middle aged folk and older, thinking we are over the hill and just don' t get how to use the connected world as they do.

They seem to not realize though that it was our generation that invented the bloody Internet, computers etc to begin with. The "advanced teens of today" use TEXT on their phones to communicate, and 'sext' each other.

When I was younger I used LIVE chat in REAL time on a telephone, met real women and got laid for real instead.

Since our generation invented everything used today, and everything they have dragged backward with respect to technology (from live calls to text where you have to GUESS what the person really meant? Seriously???) has done little to nothing at all. Sure we have a new generation of mobile app developers, so what? How many cut down versions of decent software do I need? How many versions of Angry Birds are out now? And this is the future of the world, YAY, glad I won't be part of it!