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Wow...it still happens years later...

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I don't know that I'll ever go to Mexico via the border crossing. That is pretty much overrun with human trafficking and drugs. Once you go down far into the country, you find cities that are pretty free from crime...well, except Mexico City. So, airlines are my only option to visit that country.

I have to re-submit my passport for renewal...if I can find it. Otherwise, I have to re-apply for a new one. But, I won't make it up there until at least 2014...and most likely 2015.

As for the USA...for me, it's now just a place to make money and save money and build up a huge retirement nestegg...so I can retire early and not worry about an SSA check. My plans are, short of getting married sometime and a wife changing my plans, to retire to Ireland, get dual citizenship, and visit the USA only often enough to keep my citizenship status and SSA checks rolling in...and keep relatives and friends from pestering me.

When I make it up, a few beers will be good...I've hit cruising speed in life now...just out for a relaxing life and to enjoy things around me.

But now, I have to go finish a custom Crystal report. Then, I have to work on another programming project.

Catch you later :)