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Location: United States

After 10 years selling computers and electronics to consumers and small businesses, in 1996 I joined the IT Dept of a Fulfillment company in Atlanta. During the six years I spent there I went from IS Assistant to Systems Engineer. Some of the projects that I lead: In 1997 I was tasked with the upgrade from terminals on SCO Unix hosts to a peer network of Windows 95 desktops. In 1998, I was in charge of designing and installing the upgrade to a Windows NT 4 domain, which also involved setting up firewall and Exchange servers. In 1999 I was in charge of an emergency Y2K replacement of the warehouse control system on a non-compliant database with an SQL Server 7 based system from a different vendor. (this was fun. The search for a replacement didn't settle on a new system until Sept and I finished transfering all the data on Dec 23!) Design and install a WAN to link 2 new facilities to the main warehouse. Build a new server room. We were up to 15 Windows NT/2000 servers and 2 Sun hosts at this point. I then became an Independant Contractor, specializing in the Fulfillment vertical market. More recent projects have involved upgrades to Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2005/2008, VOIP, and Hyper-V Virtualization. I have also been doing programming with C# and ASP .Net to provide enhancemens to client's Line-of-Business systems and to integrate those systems with shipping and third-party order management applications.

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