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Location: United States

I began programming in high school on a machine with two terminals and 24K of RAM. For my class project I wrote a Dungeons and Dragons program...that's what got me started on my career. I took Fortran and Pascal, wrote my own word processor in ATARI Basic while in college but ended up with a BS in Astro-physics. Started in polyFORTH writing device drivers (and told Motorola when their published specs were wrong), moved to data acquisition in Professional Basic, forced to become an expert in SAS, VB 3-6, ASP (javascript and vbscript) and .Net. A large amount of automation/collaboration work with MS Office from 4.3 to present, and Active Directory (Site Server too). If you want have fun, play with the X10 apis...it's not nearly as much fun as cigars but the wife doesn't mind it at all.

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