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Location: SOUTH GLASTONBURY, Connecticut, United States

Industry: Business Services/Consulting (Tech-Related)

Role: Technical/PC Support

I practiced law for some 20 years before going over to the "tech side" as a PC Support Specialist. I possess an A+ and 2 MCP certifications and have some 540 hours in IT class and seminar times taken. I've been doing this full-time since 1996. As far as I'm concerned, the legal training helps with my logical approach to problems with the "black boxes" called PCs. Probably, over 95% of my work is done on-site at people's homes. One of the things I have going with me is apparently how well I get along with people. Most of my clients sit with me and try to learn for the entire time I'm at their homes (and no I don't think they don't trust me, as frequently they'll leave the house while I'm still working). Unfortunately, the microcomputer revolution didn't start until my last year of law school in 1975. (I never have been interested in main frames!) I'm a member of ACRBO, the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners, which I suggest looking into.

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