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Location: United States

Industry: Software Development

Role: Executive Management (Chairman, CEO, CFO, Partner)

David HM Spector is a developer, technology consultant and entrepreneur specializing in wireless networking, supercomputer cluster architectures and infrastructures and collaborative/assistive interface agents. He is a contributor to a number of Open Source projects including SourceForge where he developed the "SourceForge Portability Patches" that allowed the popular Open Source project management system (and all of its derivatives such as GNU Savannah and GForge) to be set up an run on system other than those of VA Software. As 20+ year veteran of the IT industry, he is a speaker at industry events ranging from the 802.11Planet WiFi/Wireless conference to local software groups such as the New York Software Industry Association and the New York Metro chapter of the Information Systems Security Association and is available for consulting projects or to speak on a variety of topics ranging from new fronts in technology to information security.

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