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    Security,Twitter,teh intarwebs,Desktop Support,Windows,theology,yarny crafts,good food,stimulating conversation.

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  • Windows Vista and 7, all manner of Dells, Windows 8 on Nokia Lumia, various and sundry software

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Location: Globetrotting, Monaco

Industry: Insurance/Real Estate/Legal

Role: Technical/PC Support

Hello! A friend of mine thought I had a number of similarities with my namesake - more mystical than cranky, I hope - so I adopted this moniker. I would very much like to network with my peers. I have been tinkering with computers in one way or another for decades, so most of my knowledge comes from jumping in and getting my hands dirty, seeing what works and what doesn't vs. the academia route (which went in the direction of medical and Biblical research studies). Ah, computers - the last respectable bastion of the self-taught. I'm primarily a software geek and will do all I can to help you with MS Office programs, MS operating systems, antivirus/spyware removal, and printer and application troubleshooting/desktop support. I like stirring the pot in discussions, so talk to me about anything. I am American but infatuated with England and many things British, so if you need someone to go there and perform IT duties, point at Interesting Old Stuff and go "ooOOoo!", let me know. ;-)

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