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Location: United States

UPDATED! Currently WISH I could wear the following hats: System Admin - SuSE Linux, Windows 2000 server, WinXp. Network Admin - Cisco routers, and various firewalls. Security - Virus, adware, malware, trojans, hacking prevention. Trainer - All in-house training for 100 user company. All applications and PC usage. Software tech - Install, maintain and update software on all PC's. Hardware tech - Install, maintain and update all PC's. Web Admin - Create and maintain company intranet. Programmer - Cobol programming (rarely now) and HTML. This all started in 1998 when I was hired as a programmer for the Y2K re-write. System completely written by my boss and is an intigrated network of 700 odd programs accessing about 800 data files. Got it done, even though many didn't see how I could keep that straight. I did. Then moved as assistant Systems/net Admin. The primary admin got refocused to other tasks, so I got primary spot. As the network grew, the hats started falling out of the sky and that is how I got where I am now. Many of the things started as me doing all the tasks that weren't "fun", that no one else wanted to do. Then I was given more and more as people were content to hand off the crap jobs to me. I like doing that stuff. Qualifications: 20+ years experience in the field. 2yr degree in computer science. BA in Networking with a Cisco core. MACE certified. Getting ready to take CCNA/CCNP tests. (still) Postponed my plan to teach the Unix/Linux/Cisco classes. Life happens, ya know? Have taught at the community college all office products by MS, Lotus, and Corel, and now teach these in-house.

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