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Location: Clearwater, Florida, United States

Industry: Government - Local/State/Federal

Role: Development Project Management

B.Tech - Certified IBM, Microsoft, IT Tech, Cisco, Red Hat, Security, et al; with over 30+ years of experience. Retired Ex-Fed which revolving around computers including development to programming. In addition to having owned 7 successful businesses with my ex-husband of nearly 25 years of marriage before selling out to Major Corporations, the imperative need of computer technology was a mandatory. Enjoyed being a Professor at what is now a defunct College/University as now a major Interstate Highway runs through it. For years had enjoyed piloting and testing which we know it today as BETA to RC, still wished the person who stole my old metal sign I had: TO ERR IS HUMAN.... TO REALLY MESS THINGS UP REQUIRES A COMPUTER! Somehow it seems to hold true today.

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