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I'm not much of a technical guy, I'm a handyman by trade, but I've been a Windows user since '95 came out and I've tweaked a lot of systems to do what I want them to do and look how I want them to look. I've repaired hardware and solved a few hairy software problems over the years. I'm not your "typical" user in that I don't expect a computer to "just work" by learning how to use what's on it. I tend to find solutions that work for me, and look and act the way I want them to. "Themes" in XP really threw me. I hate the fact that the windows explorer no longer natively supports the three pane view with background image on all folders! Of course I found a workaround for that! Networking is another thing that really threw me at first. Now I have 4 computers hooked up through a router and they (usually) can talk to each other just fine. It's a hobby more than a business for me.

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