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Location: United States

In 1970 Bell of PA sent me to my 1st computer school at Bell Labs, I was part of a team that installed the 1st T carrier line in PA, Numerous schools thru the (old and new) Bell's on digital technology. Senior project engineer/network engineer for the Bell's. SMB for personal systems/computers since about 1980. On the net when it was text only and before the World Wide Web was even a thought. Now self employed as an IT consultant for phone companies, SMB enterprises in the field of systems design and integration, LAN's, WAN's, security, off site storage, upgrading of systems software and hardware, beta testing software for Grisoft and MS. Set up and upgrade of servers. 10 years experience as a member of a team who engineered, on a daily basis, the installing, servicing, troubleshooting of telephones, fax machines, computer work stations,servers,routers etc. I like computers and Oustside Plant. Thanks for taking the time to read this. jack.manger@gmail.com

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