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Location: United Kingdom

Firstly, the photo is really me, as is the name; it's the only name I've ever used on the Internet in the last 15 years, so if anyone remembers a "Nell Smith" from years ago, it was probably me! I was born in 1969 and I live in Bristol, UK. I've been fascinated by computers since the age of 10 (my first 8086), and I?ve worked in various fields of IT and computer support. I'd call myself a well-informed user of most types of MSoft O/S and Office products, an expert with DOS4+ and DOS-based apps, Windows 95/98, MS Exchange and MS Mail, Outlook and Outlook Express and all versions of MS Word; an advanced user of XP(SP2/3) and NT4/Windows 2000, as well as Adobe PhotoShop. I have a good general knowledge of networking, security and the Internet in general. I've worked with PCs since the days of x86 and DOS, when "the Internet" pretty much meant ARPANet/JANET plus USENet, "email" meant text-only messaging via UNIX, and when XTree Pro Gold was the nearest you could get to a GUI on a PC. Over the years I've built up a good working knowledge of all versions of Windows from v3.0, via NT3.51/4.0 and 95/98, up until Win2000 and XP, when I stopped working as an IT professional - at that time for a multinational corporation, supporting 250 local users on the London-based corporate HQ LAN, as well as a 100,000-member/100-country WAN hosted on a dozen or so racks of Compaq ProLineas and ProLiants. My home PC is certainly not a marvel of modern technology, but it suits me just fine, being a dual-boot 98 (love it to bits) and XP (OK once you undo all of MSoft's "idiot-proof" settings) machine which also hosts my children's wirelessly networked PC and, in both hardware and software terms, is probably more secure than your average corporate server (seriously - I actually *care* about my own data!) My computer time is pretty limited at the moment as I have three young children, so all I can really do is try to stay up-to-date - it's a losing battle, but I'm trying!

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