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Location: United States

I am one of the most gifted IT people, because I easily forget all that I have learnt and done in the past. It is good, right? These days, I program using C#, XML/XSLT, HTML, Javascript, ASP.Net................... Over 15 years in IT, 12+ years in software development. Began career as a faculty teaching Dbase, C, UNIX, Computer Programming. Then moved on to customer support, installing and supporting SCO UNIX and Novell Netware. I have acted as assistant to hardware folks now and then in assembling computers. I can plug the right jumpers, cables and wires, adapter cards...that sorta things. It was ages ago. Then became a full fledged software developer. Programmed using Foxpro, Clipper, Power Builder, Oracle Forms, Delphi, Visual Basic 6, Crystal Reports, Oracle, SQL Server. As I said before, with the gift to forget things fast, I have forgotten all these languages/technologies.

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