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Having worked in the military, educationally, governmental and industrial environments and seen the problems that exist, I decided to set up a small consultancy. The aim of the company was to pass the lessons of the big companies down to emerging and established small businesses. I specialise in Windows- and Cisco-based networking with an additional focus on Oracle and MSSQL Server databases which has led to my own business being able to produce single-source solutions for a number of business within the UK and Germany. Since 2008 I closed my business preferring working with IT rather than running a firm. The administrative overhead involved with running a business meant I was spending more time administering and less time at the coal-face, not a good thing for me! I now work in Germany for one the High Courthouses (Oberlandesgerichte) in Germany as a DBA working with Oracle 10g/11g and Grid Control and MSSQL Server 2005/2008. Challenging, fun and mores the point, interesting.

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