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My Uncle Gordon owned a music store in Chicago, he was a radio / radar tech in the Navy, this is where my obsession with electronics began, I was 4 when he and Aunt Gurt became responsible for me, this was the best thing that ever could have happened. A music store is a wonderful place to grow up, Gordon was a very talented, disciplined man, a gifted but profane teacher. A young Buddy Guy, Bo Didly, and many other Chicago players were frequent customers, even John Coltrane had Gordon work his horn over when he was in town. I learned everything from brass instrument repair, Hammond B3's and violins, I can still play the hell out of anything with strings and keys. In '69 an opportunity for several student interns opened at Bell Labs in Lombard Ill, they liked my electromechanical aptitude and fortunately I made the cut, this was my "formal education" and perhaps the best 2 years of my life. The following years I spent in industrial environments applying numerical measurement and eventually CNC management to machine operations in manufacturing which were all contract gigs, I was out the door once completed returning only to resolve support issues. This was an ideal arrangement for me, I got to play music in a lot of bands, tech on the road, got certified in avionics, there is nothing finer than aviation in my book. It was in the early '90s that the computer thing ran full circle more by default than any thing else, I had always played with PC's, "Know anything about computers?" .. a bit a long time ago, "Take a look at this, makes no damn sense to any of us!" No more mysteries, that's my story, Call me "The Great Imposter" or "Good Will Hunting" that's my last 21 years in computers, by default. Now Parkenson's is slowly taking my abilities but the old brain pan, though rusty is still highly active and I surely enjoy looking over the shoulders of the Tech Republic members, after 60+years, things still make so much sense but social dynamics continue to elude me.

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