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Location: United States

Grad 1986 degree in Electronics Engineering Technology,Third owner in The Danin Tech shop,Held contract with schools for computer repair,Familiar With all operating systems beginning before Windows 3.1 till date,can take a virus out of a computer like pulling a tooth! Without reinstalling the operating system,Also certified draftsman,member of North American Drafters Assc. Both mechanical and electronic aswell as electrical,Certified Auto Tech,Build my own computer from scratch,and programmed it with Hex,Built race car from scratch(including Design)Retired now,but still very active in computers and software,U.S VETERAN,Learning more every day with the help of other Pro's,LOVE to learn new things,and not too stubborn to ask,and listen to someone I deem knows what their talking about,But won't be fooled! When I work on something they say"BUBBA touched it" You share your secrets and I'll share mine,Fair? Love to help others.

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