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  • Cisco,Windows 8.1,Visual Studio,Google Apps

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Location: Encino, California, United States

Industry: Education

Role: Executive Management (Chairman, CEO, CFO, Partner)

Pierre Coupet has over 40 years of diversified business and professional experience spanning a number of related disciplines. He is the Founder, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management at Virtual Organization Management Institute, the world's leading and only global 100% virtual educational institute strictly focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline he has founded and pioneered since 1997. He is also Founder & Mentor-Partner at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, the world's leading and only virtual organization sabbatical destination for corporate, government and academia executives. As well, he is Founder & Chief Virtual Organization Architect at Virtual Organization Recruiter, the world's leading and only provider of "Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment" and "Virtual Organization Leadership Assessment & Certification" solutions to corporate, government and academia.

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