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I am me. I am geek, hear me beep /// In a nutshell, I am primarily a self taught computer geek who was bitten by the bug when I played with a TI-99 4/A, first computer I owned was the TS(Timex Sinclair)2068, first PC was a 8088 with dual 5 1/4 floppies, 1mb ram, with a whopping 20mb hard drive. Speed of first modem, 300bps. I was promptly directed to get a 2400 bps min. After bragging one day on my special find of the above mentioned 8088 that I had paid only $400 and was laughed out of the room, I pretty much took it upon myself to try to learn to avoid being bent over again, and to help others prevent it as well. As far as experience, here goes: /// -Former Computer Lab Manager at a Military Installation -Instructor for basic MSOffice classes -Sales/Service Computer Consultant -Unofficial IT/Helpdesk support at a business with no IT department and support services for ANY new software/hardware that comes through the door or consultation on any IT purchases - Tech support for DSL provider (note: if their network goes down, you are in trouble because the help desk guys can't help you without their "Procedure Steps" troubleshooting guide) -Last but not least, although not professional, family IT guy /// Non Computer : -Designed, installed, serviced Alarm systems (Primarily wireless, two way voice systems (Eagle anyone?) -Customer Service Manager for a couple Alarm Companies -Taught Alarm Service / Customer Service Classes -Electrician/Carpenter/Fiberglass Cutter for a General Contractor building Department stores till a ill fated auto accident when I found out it was time to work with my head versus my back. -Poet -Wannnabe writer /// Other than that, I am me, I am geek hear me beep. If anyone wants to know anything else about me, shoot me a message /// Cheers

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