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Location: Orange, California, United States

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I guess that I am a "tech wanna-be". I took Cobol and Fortran programming in college in the early 80's at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana while earning a Bachelors in Business Administration. We used punch card presses in our computer classes to create program code since direct connection with a keyboard, mouse and a monitor was still off in the future. We turned in the stack of cards and went home. They ran your program that night and you could pick up a printout the next day. My first pc was a 64k Zenith, which was a Heath Kit model that you could buy that was already assembled. I learned to write Basic programming on its DOS operating system. It worked good, but now I can't believe that I trusted it so much. 64k! It had no floppy drive (CDs were still in the future too), so I added a dual disk drive that ran 5-1/4" floppy discs. Also, I bought a $2,000+ Star printer that had both friction feed and tractor feed. And I used it to do my accounting in a program that I wrote for a database program (no Microsoft Access yet either) to print bills and keep track of accounts for the 400+ customers that I had on an Indianapolis Star paper route for daily newspapers that I delivered every morning into my subscriber's mailboxes with my '46 Willy's Jeep. I'm still really proud of the office that I put together after I bought a real estate franchise in 2006 and built EXIT Realty OC in Irvine, California. Take a virtual tour at http://www.previewfirst.com/mls/video/6935 I suffered an accident in Nov '07 that almost took my life & left me disabled with a brain injury that just seems to affect my balance and my short-term memory. Things that happened 15 minutes ago can be impossible to remember. I've got to learn to live with it & so do those around me! Skip spyware, adware, malware, virus junk - that ain't my issue. I clean installed in Oct 2010 & updated my programs & drivers. I immediately installed Sec Essential & I do little internet. I just ask questions to set settings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up7pvPqNkuU

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