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    Network, VOIP, Security, Wireless...

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  • Enterprise Servers – 2003:8:12, Workstations – XP:7:8.1:10, Thin Clients, Routers, Switches, POS, VOIP, and Kiosks

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Location: Odessa, Texas, United States

I am a Data Systems Consultant and resource. Since 1996 I have had experience with innumerable upgrades, conversions and repairs on Enterprise Level Servers, Workstations, Thin Clients, Routers, Switches, POS, VOIP and Kiosks. Past Systems Administrator for EDS/HP – BellSouth Account as well as a Systems Specialist with Technical Operation at the EDS Data Center in Plano, TX. In summation, I love what I do and I have moved multiple times to fulfill the demands for my skills and the changes in my field. This has required me to work in various different environments blending quickly and efficiently. As of now I am resource for those needing my assistance with networking problems.

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