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Location: West Hills, California, United States

Industry: Not Specified

Role: Student

I've always been a bartender/waitress; the extra shifts and tips always help with all the extras my kids always seem to need. :) I have had many sales positions and worked my way up in the banking industry from teller to investment specialist to wholesale mortgage executive (which I didn't love so much). I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a technical position working as an assistant to the Quality/HR director of a manufacturing company. I didn't know much about mechanical drawings, calibrating equipment, creating docs and procedures, audits, etc. but I learned quickly and surprisingly enjoyed it. My luck, the person I was hired to assist didn't handle pressure well and I ended up not only doing my job but he majority of his (and he received all the credit). I'm now over working 2 or 3 jobs at a time and picking up everyone else's slack. So I'm going back to school. The only positive to my hacker issue is that I have a greater appreciation for the computer world and I find it actually interesting so who knows...maybe I'll be the one able to help and give advice on this forum one day. :)

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