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Location: Elkton, Maryland, United States

Industry: Media/Entertainment/Publishing/Advertising/PR

Role: Technical/PC Support

Brief, they say. Hmph! Ok, here goes. After spending some time in college, I started my career as a welder working for the country's largest builder of nuclear powerplant components--including reactors and boilers. As the market slowed, I joined the Air Force, becoming one of the first enlistees to be trained exclusively for the avionics of the F-15 as it was coming into the inventory. I did well enough at my job to be 'invited' to become a trainer for the F-15/F-16 avionics systems. On leaving the AF, I went back to school for more detailed studies in communications and computers, working as a purchasing agent for a manufacturer for living money while the GI bill paid for my education. Since then I have worked for a number of companies in both avionics systems and electronics repair before rising to an engineering technician helping to design and improve on new automotive tools. Getting bored with this, I worked for a growing ISP until it was bought out by a regional one and have since worked as a computer consultant for consumers and small businesses.

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