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Location: United States

I became a Technician with an Aerospace Contractor at Kennedy Space Center after getting out of the Marines. I was working on space shuttle payload assembly & test and facility maintenance. I got into communications quite accidently as a cable puller. "Hey bob, leave my secretary alone and go over to the O&C Building. They need some cable installed for some computer network thing". I installed several miles of 10base5 and 10base2 cable. I read every manual I could. As the network grew, before too long I was the "go to" guy and I was sent off to training classes.... I went as far as I could where I was, and then went into the private sector and installed several thousand routers and switches. I have designed and troubleshot networks from "mom & pop" to class A networks. I'm in a start up engineering firm in Birmingham, AL. Working on getting Cisco certs back and enjoying the heck out of making LEDs go green.

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