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I'm a jack of all trades... have an aptitude for repairing and troubleshooting electronics and seem to have an especially strong leaning towards computers and Ethernet / wireless networking. Started out in a blue-collar position at my company and got my foot in the door as "the company's computer guy" six months after stocking shelves and picking orders. Everything I've learned has been through hands-on experience and independent research. I have no certifications or degrees that matter in a 'real world' scenario (mostly just cert's from various web-based courses), but I can usually resolve whatever issues have been handed to me by relying on common sense, logic, knowledge gained from previous experiences, and through research. From what we've observed with prior IT employees, certifications do not necessarily reflect one's ability to be productive and of use but merely demonstrate the ability to pass certification tests. I maintain a 100-node AD domain and perform administrative / support tasks for our home-grown AIX ERP system, our Java-based document archiving system, email, two BBS POS update systems, and our web portal. In addition, I set up and maintain all hardware & devices that are used with our Warehouse Management System. Also provide general helpdesk / user support for employees (both in-house and outside sales), and set up & maintain PCs, networking equipment, and printers. Fairly proficient with MS Office, Adobe, and Corel productivity suites.

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