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I began my career as a PC Support intern for a multi-national manufacturing and home improvement company. At the end of my internship I was offered a full-time PC Technician position. I worked there for five years supporting over 300 workstations/users (in 35 locations), over 25 servers, and numerous printers, switches, and proprietary manufacturing-related computer peripherals. From there I decided to further myself professionally and accepted a position as a Jr. Network Administrator for a local business/financial services firm (Account & Auditing, Taxes, Payroll, Business & Property Litigation, Small Business IT, Telephony, Marketing, Personal Wealth Management), assuming the title of Network Administrator after a year. I was there for four years. I am now working as a Systems Analyst for a national retail company, with my primary focus being on Exchange and e-mail, and in supporting roles for maintenance/support of server hardware, Windows servers, DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory.

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