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Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Industry: Business Services/Consulting (Tech-Related)

Role: Networking / LAN Administration

Richard A. Allcorn, aka "Rich", is an independent Consultant and Systems Engineer. He is also a writer, a public speaker, and a virtual computing fanatic! He often works as a LINUX Admin also, and hosts and manages domains and websites from his home computer LAB (the Man Cave), in Austin Texas. It has been said that his "Lab" is really more of a personal Data Center, where he works with various technologies and manages his online services and systems. Check him out at: http://www.uucpnet.org/rallcorn He is an avid camper, an adventurer, and is always a real "gadget-hound"! Rich is good with people, a good manager, and leader, and a team player. He loves to take time to teach and instruct folks, when asked. He has been with computers since before "PC" meant "an IBM PC", and when "DOS" actually "disk operating system" instead of "MS-DOS". His first "PC" was an Eagle personal computer, running CP/M v2.2. He got his start with UNIX working with SCO-XENIX, the first generation UNIX version for PC's. He performed his first "chat" on an LA-36 teletypewriter, long before "text messaging" was out. He is an expert with modems and dial-up, PPP and PPPoE services, serial communications, DSL Broadband, cable modems, ISDN, and wireless networking to include WiFi and WWAN. He understands routers, hubs, switches, firewalls, and has worked in many corporate LAN and WAN environments. Rich has worked with all sorts of laptops, notebooks, tablet PC's, sub-notebooks, net books, and various desktop and server hardware. He has also developed websites, worked as a Technical Writer, and is currently working on a couple of books that he hopes to have published in the not-too-distant future. Rich is geared for working from his home office, and is truly mobile with his IBM Thinkpad, running LINUX. He also has Windows XP Professional running in a "virtual" session using VMWare. With AGN WiFi, built-in cellular WWAN, bluetooth, and hardwire, he is ready to network! He has a built-in webcam, and with built-in mic & speakers, headset, or telephone handset, and phone number for his PC, he is portable and ready for the job! Find out more from his websites at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardallcorn http://www.richallcorn.com/ITguy and http://www.itnetworking.info and check out his LINUX site at: http://www.uucpnet.org

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