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Location: Australia

My hobby as a teenager was building radios and audio amplifiers, usually from second-hand parts. Hence a logical jump to the technical side of computers later in life. My first computer was a Kaypro II twin-floppy-drive running CP/M. During the last few years I have learnt about computers from scratch, resulting in a home-based business upgrading, trouble-shooting and teaching computer beginners. I currently have computers running the following versions of Windows: 98 SE, ME and XP Pro. I also have a variety of Macintosh computers, just to learn about that system. I have six personal non-profit websites: julianchancock.com (World Affairs, Australian Politics, Social Issues and Technology); gardening4pleasure.com (mostly pictorial); thinkingseriously.com (Religion, Philosophy, The Arts etc); thechristianwebsite.com (Covering ALL aspects of the Christian Religion, including history, doctrine, sects etc); thirdworldorphans.org (a very comprehensive website covering ALL issues relating to orphans in Third World countries); thebestnewswebsite.com (a graphic intensive international news and current affairs website). My birthdate is April 10, 1941 (just in case there are any astrologers lurking at TechRepublic).

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