10 cool features to look forward to in Office 2010

Screenshot button

If you're a tech writer, you'll appreciate a new feature in Word 2010 -- the ability to capture screenshots from inside the application and paste them into the document, all in a couple of clicks. The Screenshot button has been added to the Insert tab of the Ribbon.

When you click the Screenshot button, you'll see the available screenshots, and you can click on the one you want to insert into the document. After you insert a screenshot, the picture tools will automatically appear to allow you to perform photo editing.


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Meager additions at best...will be hard to justify upgrading at all, let alone many machines....hopefully, Office 2010 has much more to offer...

boxfiddler moderator

is still a waste of screen space. And hiding it is still worse. Things popping in and out of view is annoying at best, and startling most of the time. I've been using and teaching Office 07 for four semesters. That ribbon still stinks. To put it politely.


I love OneNote!!! Hope MS keeps updating it.


It only took a decade for Office to evolve to where I might want to spend the money to change. Windows 7 and Office 2010 might be my ticket in 2010.