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A look at Quick Tabs in Windows Vista's Internet Explorer 7

The Quick Tabs window shows thumbnails of all open Web pages

While these arrow markers provide a nice reminder that you have other tabs open, they aren't very helpful. However, if you click the Quick Tabs button, which lies between the Add To Favorites and the first tab, you'll see a window containing thumbnail views of all open Web pages in Internet Explorer 7.

You can jump to any tab/Web page by clicking on its thumbnail in the Quick Tabs window. Of course, you can close any tab/Web page by clicking on the close button.


Like the Windows Flip 3D and Live Taskbar Thumbnails, the Quick Tabs feature allows you to view live thumbnail images of all the pages you have open in Internet Explorer 7. This allows you to visually scan through the pages and quickly select the one that you want.

If you have comments or information to share about the Quick Tabs feature in Windows Vista's Internet Explorer, please take a moment to drop by the Discussion area and let us hear.

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