Add an IMAP Google connection to Microsoft Outlook 2010

Additional information is required

Single sign-on
The last password box can be tricky.

If you are using IMAP to connect Outlook to a personal Gmail account, you will use your normal Gmail password. However, if you are connecting to an enterprise that is using Google Mail as its email server, you may have to enter a special password. This is called the single sign-on password.

The SSO password is randomly generated via an encryption protocol and its creation is controlled by your network/email administrator. The password is associated with your enterprise configuration and how you acquire it will vary. In the case of CBS Interactive, I navigated to a specific URL and a password was generated.

By the way, the single sign-on password is also important for connecting mobile devices to the Gmail server. If you want to get your enterprise email on your smartphone, tablet PC, or other mobile computing device, you will likely need a single sign-on password.

Additional settings
In our example, before you click Next, click the More Settings button, which will take you to an additional entry screen as shown.

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