AMD's Opteron 2222SE vs. Intel's Xeon 5160

AMD's Opteron 2222SE vs. Intel's Xeon 5160 using the SPECint_rate2006 test

On April 4, 2007, AMD released the 3.0 Ghz Opteron 2222SE processor along with some benchmark charts that show it outperforming Intel's latest dual core Xeon 5160. However, questions regarding benchmark methodology, selection, and presentation remain.

The two systems tested were configured as follows:

  • 2 AMD Opteron processors Model 2222 SE in Tyan Thunder n4250QE motherboard, 8GB memory, 80GB SATA disk drive, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP3
  • 2 Xeon processors 5160 in FSC PRIMERGY TX300 S3, 16GB memory, 73GB SAS disk drive, Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition SP1
Click here to see the official published benchmark results for the Xeon based system. AMD expects the test results for the Opteron based system to be published on the Web site within hours or days.

For David Berlind's write-up on AMD's release of its Opteron 2222 SE Processor and how these benchmarks may not be all they're cracked up to be, see his post in ZDNet's TestBed blog.


This does not surprise in the least. We have had a number of machines with AMD processors on board, as well as a number of Intel-based PCs. All of the AMD processed machines have had no problems (or quirks) working with various operating systems we have had. The Intel machines however had had their bouts with sluggishness and operability problems. It seems most of the problems (to AMDs advantage) revolve around the math co-processors of the earlier Intel Pentiums. Perhap they may eventually get it right.