Apple patent hints at touchscreen iMacs and MacBooks

Figure 10

FIG. 10 illustrates example computing system 1000 that can include one or more of the embodiments of the invention described above. Computing system 1000 can include one or more panel processors 1002 and peripherals 1004, and panel subsystem 1006. Peripherals 1004 can include, but are not limited to, random access memory (RAM) or other types of memory or storage, watchdog timers and the like. Panel subsystem 1006 can include, but is not limited to, one or more sense channels 1008, channel scan logic 1010 and driver logic 1014. Channel scan logic 1010 can access RAM 1012, autonomously read data from the sense channels and provide control for the sense channels. In addition, channel scan logic 1010 can control driver logic 1014 to generate stimulation signals 1016 at various frequencies and phases that can be selectively applied to drive lines of touch sensor panel 1024. In some embodiments, panel subsystem 1006, panel processor 1002 and peripherals 1004 can be integrated into a single application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

Image and summary taken from U.S. Patent Application number: 12/171,147 - Digitized by Google

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