Apple patent hints at touchscreen iMacs and MacBooks

Figure 6

FIG. 6 shows an example high-resolution input mode UI 600, which is displayed on a display screen 601, that uses mouse/keyboard input. UI 600 includes a menu bar 603 having menu bar items 605, drop-down list items 606, a dock 607 having dock items 609, an application window 611 for a photo-editing software application having directory items 613, scrollbars 615, thumbnail images 617, buttons 618, and a mouse pointer 619. Using high-resolution input devices, such as a mouse, a user interacts with high resolution input mode UI 600 to select, manipulate, edit, etc., objects displayed on display screen 601.

Image and summary taken from U.S. Patent Application number: 12/171,147 - Digitized by Google

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