Astrophotography by AstronomyBoy

Ursa Minor – The Little Bear (The Little Dipper)

When TechRepublic published a gallery on astrophotography, TechRepublic member jeff posted links in the discussion thread to some of his astrophotography images that were taken with less elaborate equipment.

These captions, descriptions, and photos are provided by amateur astronomer Jeff DeTray. You can see more at his web site,


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Wonderful!! This brought back memories. I was an avid amateur astronomer in my high school years (early 60s), a hobby which ended by the draft and Vietnam war and subsequent permanent change of lifestyle. Now I'm retired, so maybe I can go back to it. The 'barn door tracker' sure looks like a good project to start again with. Thanks for the great article and super photos!

Roc Riz
Roc Riz

However, if you don't, and have a 200mm lens, a tripod, and some patience you can get a nice photo like the one I have of the conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, which I took two years ago, and you can see here: You can even get nice pictures of the moon with a mere 200mm lens, but you have to have more patience than I do.