Be ready for anything: Five portable apps for troubleshooting problems

The world of computer administration requires you to be on your toes and prepared for just about anything. Along with that, you need to have tools that can get you out of nearly any jam — and that includes a set of portable diagnostic tools to help you when you don't have the time or the ability to install (or track down) software to solve the problem at hand.

Here are five portable tools everyone should consider as first options for solving the problems that plague your systems.

Note: This gallery is also available as an article.


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Can't see WinDirStat being worth the effort.

Sure it may do some stuff other programs cannot, but it's not the sort of diagnostic you might use occasionally.

For an IT specialist OK, for anyone else you probably have better ways to spend time than to attempt to understand that jumble of crazy colours.

Another very good reason to always indicate to whom the program is being recommended.


WinDirStat download page doesn't provide a portable version :( It has only installer setup.exe



Great article, now added to my "Tools" file.

Thank you for making this available as an article as well as a gallery, galleries should be made "not acceptable" as they require way too much time to navigate.

Thanks again