Become a better leader: 10 books that can help

Good to Great by Jim Collins (Harper Business, 2001)

In discussing how companies can shift from mediocrity to sustained greatness, Collins examines the leadership needed to cross that gulf, along with other ideas like "The Hedgehog Concept."


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How could you miss 'Launching a Leadership Revolution' by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady? No other book on your list has two authors from's Top 50 Leaders List (numbers 20 and 39):

Only Blanchard at number 8 and Lencioni at number 16 are ranked higher and Pink comes in between at number 36. I would argue that Orrin and Chris together beat all the rest. The rest of your picks don't even make the top 50 list.

To top this, Orrin just released 'LeaderShift' in collaboration with top-ranked historical author Oliver DeMille.

No leadership library would be complete without these two books. Furthermore, I would put these two books at the top of the list ahead of all the other ones you mentioned.