Bluetooth on Vista and Mac: Different but equal

Sending a file with Bluetooth: Vista and Mac styles

Sending a file from the Desktop is easy with both operating sytems. A right-click on a file in Vista will open a menu that includes a Send To option pop-up that include "Bluetooth device." Vista, however, will not send a folder full of files without first compressing it.

That's okay, but Vista's UI doesn't handle compressing the file automatically. Rather it opens a dialog that tells the user to open the folder and select the files they want to send. It does not say that if you want to send the whole folder you should compress it first.

Vista can send multiple files, but it does so as separate transfers.

On the Mac, one begins by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, selecting "Send File..." to open a Finder window where they can select a file, files or a folder to send.

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