Boost productivity with five cloud-based apps

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The cloud is not just for syncing and sharing; it's also filled with services and apps that can do a world of good for your productivity. Whether it's a full-blown productivity suite of tools, or a single-function app to make your hectic life easier, the cloud is there for you.

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Out of the multitude of cloud apps available, which ones are more apt to aid you in your quest for efficient day-to-day productivity? Naturally, that will depend upon what your goal is. For nearly every task, there is an app to help bring your cloud experience to a more productive state. Some of those apps are, in fact, geared toward productivity (and not just syncing and storing). With that in mind, I sought out five cloud-based applications that will help you work more productively. Though not every application will appeal to you, there will most certainly be one or two that can find their way into your every-day life.

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I get (already have) Zoho, but the others, not so much. The others, ways to link up your cloud storage into 1 or make it easy, make no sense. Ok Zero PC has gives you 1 GB for free, that is fine. SyncDocs: free version, limited number of files. If you pay, you don't get anything extra that Google doesn't do. Why pay for something that can be done with other email readers? This is Google exclusive. Boomergang: free version, very limited. Again, Google exclusive. CloudSave: while more flexible than SyncDocs and Boomerang, it doesn't offer anything beyond Windows 7 or Mac OS X does out of the box (no pun intended) ZeroPC: probably the best cloud storage management of the lot (Zoho Office doesn't count) but it too offers nothing over Windows 7 and Mac OS X. For free storage of its own, and not others, although very limited, but something for free. That's what I don't get. None of them offer anything over Windows 7 (presumably Windows 8) and OS X. Other tools are there for iOS and Android as well. Only Zoho Office is probably the only one of the 5 that is useful, but an alternative to Google (Docs) Drive. Now do I have alternate offerings for "productivity," not really, I work/play in Google Drive world. At work we use Google Apps for Business, for school (going back for masters) Google Apps for Education. One regular Gmail/Drive for my volunteer/charity activities and one Gmail/Drive for personal e-mail. From Windows and OS X, I can save edit files in any storage as is, without any of the other utilities above. Zoho Office on the other hand, I do use, in addition to Google Drive.