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Candid photos from TechRepublic Live 2011


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HAL 9000
HAL 9000 moderator

You raffled off Boxee? Poor Davette what will she do now? Col :^0

santeewelding 1 Like

An anonymous telephone participant called in high bid. She was fetched by private jet and flown out before any were the wiser. All pre-arranged, I assure you.

HAL 9000
HAL 9000 moderator

I was so looking forward to closing all internal doors in Discovery and then sucking Boxee from one end of the ship to the other by opening a Air Lock and then slamming it Shut just before she got sucked out. Then wait till she started to recover and open another airlock at the other end and up 5 floors so she got sucked back through the special passage that I had setup. I was planning on slamming the second Air Lock Door shut just before she got sucked out of that as well. :^0 That way i figure I could Torture her for weeks on end and watch her get more and more upset. ;) I figure after being sucked from one end of the ship to the other a few hundred times might stop her fiddling with computers. :0 Col [/maniacal laughter]