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Capturing the highlights of BlogHer 2007

By Sonja Thompson

BlogHer 2007 conference

The first stop after arriving at my hotel in Chicago, IL, was to pick up my BlogHer 2007 name tag.


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well i dont know whats all about.i think its a big thing all organised well.thanks to you big gals i hope its for men also.i am a regular blog and i feel u have done something great my few pals were not able to do,good, keep it up,things will turn brighter and im sure u all with do great. jake(

Marc Bailey
Marc Bailey

(This is in response to image 27, but doesn't seem to link directly there) Whoever captioned this photo failed to point out that the woman in the red shirt is Mur Lafferty, author and podcaster. Not sure about the policies regarding URLs in these discussions, so I won't include any of Mur's links here. However she is highly googleable. Er... that is, I've heard... From her husband... I'll just be going now.