Configure RSync on FreeNAS to sync shares with a Windows NAS device

Sun VM setup 1

My home backup solution is a little elaborate. I've built a FreeNAS server with two 500GB drives in a JBOD configuration for 1TB of storage. That data is then replicated to a Windows Device based NAS with four 250GB drives in a Raid 5 configuration. From there, the most essential folders and data are backed up to a Powervault 120t 4000 DLT IV tape backup library.

The aim of this document will be to illustrate how to recreate this configuration - which is a suitable, inexpensive alternative to more expensive data replication solution for a small office or data center on a limited budget - or overkill for the propeller head who can't be away from the hum of a data-center without going into withdrawals.

Sun VM setup
Open Sun VirtualBox and click the "New" button to create a new machine.

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