Connect securely to Windows Vista Remote Desktop

Entering the server name

Enter the name of the server, noting that this initial process should happen on the LAN first. For this example, we're going to an RDP host machine called "msi-p965." This is not a fully qualified name, so it will work only on the same subnet LAN for now. (In a future gallery, we'll look at how to enter a redirect entry into the local host file pointing to an IP or dynamic DNS address, so that you can access "msi-p965" or whatever you call your machine from the public Internet.)


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Hi, My Setup: Host: Vista Ultimate at home, published through DDNS Services Clients: Mobile 5 PPC and a Vista Laptop I've tried what you've suggested but i didn't got any Certificate request in my clients (Though they connected nonTheless(??)) And besides that, i wan't to secure my server, making hack attemps unable to connect unless manually (And not online) issued and installed a certificate from my host