Cracking Open the Apple G3 Pismo Firewire

The RAM and more

This is a bit of a busy picture.

The inset image shows the ENTIRE logic board of the MacBook Air. I put it here because it is about the same width as the CPU card shown on the Pismo and maybe twice the length. So the entirety of the logic board of the Air is maybe twice the size of the CPU card alone on the Pismo. Significant hardware changes there in eight years.

The red arrow points to the expansion memory slot of the Pismo. Officially, the Pismo memory maxed out at 512MB, but most found that you could run it up to 1GB with no trouble.

Circled in yellow is the bottom of the chip that I think serves as a support for the card itself. In the next image, you see the tab that it rests on.

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