Cracking Open the Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

When Microsoft built the Surface Pro, they packed the power of an ultrabook in the body of a tablet. Unfortunately, they also made the device nearly impossible for an end-user or even an in-house tech to service and repair.

For a detailed analysis of the teardown, check out my article and video, Difficult-to-repair Surface Pro built more like an ultrabook than a tablet.

Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
Caption by: Bill Detwiler


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Clearly designed and built by a committee of software experts.

I left my iPad on top of my car, it flew off at 40mph. I hit the brakes and it slid past me. I picked it up, ordered new glass and I am still using it today. I was amazed at how little was actually inside the unit and how much of a beating it could take. There really is nothing to break inside. I don't think the surface would have fared so well, judging from what I see in the picture.


My boss dropped his 2-day-old Surface on a carpeted floor from about 2 feet and the glass shattered. It's off for repair as I type.