Creating a theme for your website with Photoshop

Adding a drop shadow to the image

Be sure that Colorize is checked, the settings are Hue: 43, Saturation: 28, and Lightness: +16. Of course, you can adjust these settings as you see fit for your application. Now the old paper image looks a bit lighter than the original, and not quite as aged; I also toggle the Hue/saturation layer off and on to compare the difference.

Next, I am going to add a new layer with some drop shadow to the image, following the menu path Layer | Layer Style | Drop Shadow with the following settings -- Blend Mode: Multiply, Opacity: 65%, Angle: 120°, Distance: 5px, Spread: 2%, and Size: 5px, as shown.


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let me try this it's so beautiful...


But I would have made the menu button more distinctive, a pinkish hue comes to mind. I also would desaturate the background a bit. It's a great color, texture and darkness, but draws the eye off a bit with the saturation. Maybe not only desaturate it but lighten up the foreground and saturate it a bit for greater focus on the content. Way cool design, though. I'm not that creative when it comes to the visual arts, but I am a critic, obviously. =|