Crowdsourced 3D printers: Photos of Kickstarter's 10 most successful projects

Micro 3D Printer

We wrote about this one after Maryland-based M3D raised more than $2 million in the first two days of its campaign on Kickstarter for the seven-square inch Micro desktop 3D printer. It has now raised over $3 million in funding. The printer was so popular because of its tiny size, ability to easily print small items, and its simple user interface. Right on the screen, people can choose from objects to print or download directly from open source websites that have designs.

Image: M3D


Lyndsey Gilpin is a Staff Writer for TechRepublic. She covers sustainability, tech leadership, 3D printing, and social entrepreneurship. She's co-author of the upcoming book, Follow the Geeks.


I might suggest you redefine 'successful' to include delivery.  I am still a strong believer in the Rigidbot but my kickstarter funding was targeted at an October 2013 delivery (some were September) and it is still a month away.  I would be curious how many of the other kickstarters are in full production.


@snordha1I'd agree with that.  Still waiting on my Buccaneer.  They have been very open with their building process as of late and the reasons for most of the delays have been for improvements on the original design but still.  They are way behind schedule.